Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

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  • Current #CNN tech headlines. #cnnfail Very funny. #
  • RT @IDEALAW: Hm. Alliance Home Insurance has a specific exclusion 4 anything connected w/ email, cmputr virus, any website or the internet. #
  • @IDEALAW Wait till we are all living in "smart grid" enabled houses. It will give a new meaning to forgetting the keys. 🙂 #crypto #pgp in reply to IDEALAW #
  • @IDEALAW I literally once saw a virus in the nineties that change refresh rate of monitor and made it go bang. in reply to IDEALAW #
  • Wow brings back a lot of memory's . about 640Kb worth .RT @SamanthaCurcio: The evolution of PC Games. Coooooool. #
  • @campricenews @danielhurstbne SNAP I had DPKRK threaten me (via a letter) when I worked @BBCweather. I called them "North Korea" on a map. #
  • @danielhurstbne wait till you get personally threatening letters from them. #
  • RT @sammutimer: Get your social media stats for Australia July 2012 surprises on the movers and shakers! #
  • 'Post Office' It will be cool term that Microsoft invents to describe "status updates" in next office app. @arfisk: @piawaugh @Craig_F #
  • LOL RT @simongarlick: @ey3 @arfisk @piawaugh @Craig_F “Post Office” is how you describe working life with an iPad as your main PC #
  • Look up and see some amazing clouds. Outside Brisbane this morning 11am. I never seen anything like this. @bbcweather #

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