Brisbane WordPress Developers

We are a team of local Brisbane WordPress Experts, building websites since 1996.
We sell a wide range of WordPress related services, including WordPress Hosting (based in Sydney).

We build amazing online stores with WordPress

Brisbane based business owners and entrepreneurs are confronted with a world that is evolving and changing at a faster pace on a daily basis. Your customer's needs, demands and expectations are growing and so to is the willingness to make online web based purchases.

At BrisbaneWP (WordPress) we love to develop amazing websites that will make your customers happy and your profits grow. Our team of nerds all live in Queensland, work from their homes and love technology.

It does not take a genius to see that online retail and e-commerce will continue to boom in 2022 and beyond. A successful online business provides your customers a great experience that is fast and secure with a variety of ways to pay.

Together your business and our team will enable your customers to visit your online store to make purchases of both products and services using both traditional and emerging payment platforms.

Accept payments from credit cards (Visa and Master cards), PayPal (Standard and Pay in Four), Buy Now Pay Later (AfterPay and ZipPay) and even Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Shib Inu.


All done easily, securely and fast.

Why use WordPress in 2022 and beyond?

Put simply, it still is the very best way for a business to build an online presence and attract and retain customers.

Is a WordPress website safe and secure?

Yes! WordPress is both safe and secure when your site is handled by our team of developers and cyber security experts.

What payment methods can my site offer?

WordPress and Woocommerce allow you to offer Credit Cards, PayPal, Direct Deposit and even Crypto Currencies.

Pay with your Cypto Currency

At BrisbaneWP we believe in helping your clients pay your business in crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge and Shib Inu.

We are also happy to accept payment in 4 popular crypto currencies for all of our services.

Better Site Health

WordPress Maintance

$ 720.00 per Year
  • We take care of your site once a month to keep your site running smoothly.
  • The Ultimate Monthly WordPress Maintenance Package covers all your essential maintenance tasks.
  • Like all software, your WordPress site needs regular and ongoing love and attention. Our skilled team can keep your site running smoothly for $720 per year.
  • Monthly maintenance tasks include:
    • Site backup
    • Site Scan (or install and scan)
    • WordPress Update
    • Plug-in Updates and Optimization
    • Theme Updates and Optimization
    • Free Malware Cleanup
    • Database Cleanup
    • Clean Site Backup
    • Testing of Site
Faster Site

WordPress Site Transfer

$ 499.00 1st Year
  • Give your site the home (web hosting) it deserves. Move your site to our amazing managed hosting platform.
  • So much value (over $1760) that we’ve packed into a single limited time offer of just $499.
    • 1Yr Optimised Hosting – Sydney Web Hosting
    • Professional Transfer – By Skilled Engineer
    • Secure, Fast and Reliable
    • Free Exclusive Theme
    • Free Domain (local
    • Free SSL
    • Free CloudFlare Account
    • Free Security Plugin Setup
    • Free Caching Plugin Setup
    • Free Backup Plugin Setup
    • Free Website Audit
  • Please note : Optimised Hosting renews at $300 per year
Trouble Free

Managed WordPress

$1260 per Year
  • The WordPress Super Pack offers tons of value. A great way to get your business online fast.
  • Start building your new WordPress site the right way with our Managed WordPress Pack.
  • A Managed WordPress means all the hard work of setting up WordPress optimally has been done.
  • Our exclusive custom theme enables you to create a beautiful website to suit your needs.
    • 1Yr Optimised WordPress Hosting Sydney
    • High Performance WordPress
    • Secure, Fast and Reliable
    • Free Domain (local
    • Free SSL
    • Free CloudFlare Account
    • Free Guide(s)
    • Amazing Ey3 Support
  • Please note : Optimised Hosting renews at $300 per year
Web Design


We build the most amazing websites using the World's most popular, user friendly and cost effective system called WordPress. Benefits include access to a feature-rich collection of plug-ins. WordPress is the most popular website management platform in use on the web today.

Web Hosting Services


We offer modern cloud based web hosting for WordPress. Our skilled team, which is entirely QLD-based, will further optimise each hosting setup and operating environment to suit your specific needs.



We offer a large range of support services to both new and existing WordPress sites. If you have a problem with WordPress we can help you with expert support, updates and maintenance.



We have literally trained thousands of people to use WordPress effectively. We offer online training via Skype for people just about anywhere or in-person training for those near Brisbane.



We build easy to use e-commerce based websites using WooCommerce - the premier choice for all things shopping-related for the web. Let's get you started building your online empire.



We can expertly guide you in the process of securing your business' domain name. It is perhaps the most important first step in the process of building a web presence.



We take your website security seriously and understand the vital role your online presence plays in any modern business.  With over 21 years experience ,  you're in safe hands with Brisbane's WordPress security experts.



Are you sick of having to duplicate your content across a number of social media platforms ? We have a variety of options to automate and eliminate this boring task and create higher levels of engagement.