What The …

Google has quietly rolled out a new update to its PageSpeed Insights tool. In our opinion, this update is the largest change to how Google measures websites in many years.

Why does this change matter?  The change is all about speeding up your site and not only is this critical to ensure that your site ranks highly in Google but it will also improve the user experience and conversion rates on your website.

The PageSpeed Insights tool update has vastly increased technical expectations around the metrics around how they measure your page speed. Running the tool will provide you with a number of suggestions and providing feedback
where you can make improvements to your pages in order to increase the speed of your pages. Getting these metrics close perfect for your site maximize chances at being ranked highly on Google.

For example, below is a screenshot of PageSpeed Insights for a site and how it changed overnight from 12th November 2018 to 13th November 2018 when the tool was updated. Nothing else on the site changed except the date…


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To test your own site, enter your url (site address) on this page.

All sites are now expected to be super-fast on all smartphones and to take into account Google’s tough new expectations which are that the site must be:

• A Progressive Web App
• Cope well on poor mobile internet connections
Technically Perfect
User Friendly and Accessibility Friendly
HIGHLY optimised and compressed content

What to do

To address this change we can update your site. Your new site will have all of its old content transferred and optimised so that the new site has the following benefits:

• Google new image format (WebP) for certain mobiles and browser
• Built as a Progressive Web App (using plugin)
Cutting Edge Theme purposed built by Ey3
Smoothly handle poor mobile internet connections
• Gain a Competitive Advantage on Search Engines
Easy to manage visual editing tools

Please visit Google performance testing site here and input your website URL. It is very simple to use: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

We have a number of different solutions for those business that rely on search engine traffic. For a more detailed breakdown of where things stand currently with your web presence and in Google please call us on 1300 856 393.